How are Tiles & Pavers Used to Design Outdoors and Indoors?

Tile; Its main material is quartz and kaolin, and it is s processed to give polished and matte surfaces. Pavers; in short, is a type of stone. They are produced in various shapes and sizes , and after being processed, they are called paver stones. In other words, it means a shaped stone. You can buy modern, stylish design products according to your taste and bring your spaces an eye-catching beauty.

Tile Types

There are various types of tiles according to their function and usage: whether the tile is used on the floor, wall coverings in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and between the floor, wall and countertop in kitchens. 

Combining elegance and modern lines, tiles are nature-friendly. Types of tiles and pavers with a wide range of uses, are mosaic tiles, paving stones, ledger tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, and decorative tiles. It awaits your choices with its natural textures, unique colors and sizes.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Tiles?

Usage area, user taste and tile color match are very important. Each style should be considered separately and the choice should be made accordingly.'s expert team can answer all your questions and support you in making the right choice. You can easily purchase all types of pavers with secure payment, attentive shipping and affordable prices, and ensure that they arrive at your doorstep safely. brings you nature-friendly, health-friendly, recyclable tiles that protect the area of installation from moisture and humidity. 

Tile Trader Works

It was established to add extraordinary beauty to the living spaces of its customers with magic touches. In accordance with the purpose of establishment, it offers natural stone and magnificent products. You can get information about your tile needs on our website.

Pavers varieties are top quality materials in terms of color, texture, model and production technologies. Usage areas and application subtleties are unlimited products. It is also important that the laying processes can be seamless. It is absolutely necessary to work with an expert on the job. 

Pavers Models and Usage Areas

Porcelain tiles are products that are in high demand, with color options as polished or matte, and as panels of different sizes. Strength is gained by firing with product types such as natural stone tile, travertine, limestone, and chipped. Mosaic tiles; small-sized stones such as 1 * 1, 1 * 2, which are used especially in kitchens or other areas for decorative purposes, are arranged on a caged floor and are larger plates similar to flanks. They are widely used products and indispensable products with their magnificent color and texture. You can make all the selections you want on 

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