A timeless Classic Revival: Are Black or White Tiles coming back?

Black Tiles or White?

There are many possibilities for tiles, which has an important place in decoration and design. In addition to different forms of arrangement, different designs can also be realized for tiles. Tile designs that belong entirely to the designer's imagination can be found in solid colors, textures and designs with different figures. Tiles that allow people to create different and solid wall and floor designs are used in many places. Tiles have an important place in decoration and interior design.

Where are Tiles Used?

Various tiles are a good choice for anyone who wants solid ceramic materials for wall and floor design. On wet floors, tiles that are insensitive to water, do not swell and react differently due to water are generally preferred. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer designers many different design ideas, but are often found in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. The tiles preferred in pool designs also offer their users different aesthetic designs.

In addition to wet floors, tiles that can be easily used anywhere and create different looks appeal to every taste. Besides solid colors and textures, it is also possible to give tiles a marble and wood look. The tiles, which can easily take on any desired shape and pattern, also offer many different colors. When designing with popular tiles, just make sure that colors and patterns harmonize with each other.

 Design with White Tiles

For every designer, it is important that the colors harmonize with each other and that the right color is used in the right place when designing. Plain and solid colors provide comfort when designing. White tiles, which can match any color and pattern, are especially preferred for narrow and small rooms to look wider and more spacious. When it comes to black tiles or white, there are white colors that brighten up the environment that is suitable for narrow spaces. White tiles are generally preferred in minimalist and sleek designs.

 Design with Black Tiles

When designing in somber and industrial styles, tones such as anthracite black and grey are generally preferred. On floors, black tiles are generally preferred. Black tiles, which provide continuity on the floor, reveal as little dust and dirt as possible on floors where there is constant human traffic, they also easily match different colors and patterns. Simple black tiles match various plain colors as well as tiles with black color. Many colors can be combined with black and look harmonious.

Black And White Designs

Black only, white only or both: Black and white design ideas can take many different forms. Black and white colors can easily harmonize with many different colors separately, as well as create beautiful designs together. These simple and contrasting colors can be used in many places. In particular, black and white tiles that are used on floors to create a consistent look can also be used in different wall designs.