Eco-Friendly & Healthy Design Materials: Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaics are one of the building materials that are frequently preferred indoors and outdoors. While it is widely used for countertops and walls, the mosaic glass tiles on the floors create a luxurious room feel. For this reason, it is preferred in many areas, especially for decorative purposes.

  What is Glass Mosaic?

 Glass mosaic is a coating material used to add a beautiful appearance and aesthetic atmosphere in exterior and interior spaces. The most important feature is that it has many different dimensions. Glass mosaics, which are pasted on a third-class paper sheet as fabrication, are produced in different sizes such as 10 * 10, 13 * 13 or 20 * 40.

  What Are The Advantages Of Glass Mosaic?

  Glass mosaic is a frequently used coating material in backsplashes and  around kitchen countertops. This material has also been used on floors very frequently in recent years. There are many advantages of using glass mosaic for designs:

  - The biggest advantage of using glass mosaic in flooring application is that it obtains a beautiful appearance with proper installation. Due to its wide variety, and aesthetic appearance can be achieved by using plain or more colorful tiles.

 - Glass mosaics are resistant to stains and mold, providing cleaner use. 

 - It is also easy to clean as it is resistant to chemical products. Since it is not porous, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

 - It is easier to produce glass tiles than ceramic tiles. Also, recycled glass tile options using recycled glass tiles can be considered, so mosaic tiles are eco-friendly and doesn't harm our health!

 - Glass mosaics give a bright image in the areas where they are used.

 - Glass tiles are durable and unbreakable as long as they are not hit with very heavy material. Therefore, it can be used safely.

  What Should Be Considered When Using Glass Mosaics?

  While glass mosaics have many advantages, there are also points to be considered during use. Things to consider when using glass mosaics are as follows:

  -Glass mosaic installation is a bit difficult. Adhesives can be seen from the floor if not paid attention. For this reason, it is recommended to get help from an expert on the flooring.

 - While glass mosaics are resistant to stains, they are sensitive to scratches. Scratches may increase over time. Therefore, it should be used carefully against scratches.

 -Glass mosaics are durable materials. However, there is a risk of breaking when a very heavy material falls on it.

 - Glass mosaics have a smooth appearance. Although it offers a very stylish appearance in the areas where it is used, there is a risk of slipping in wet areas. For these reasons, it is not recommended to be used as a flooring material in wet places.

  What Are the Usage Areas of Glass Mosaics?

  Glass mosaics are widely used today. It is preferred for decorative purposes between the countertops of kitchens or bathrooms in homes. Apart from these, it is used as outdoor material in buildings or villas. Another commonly used area for mosaic tiles is pools.