Effortless Elegance, Pavers Applications

It is quite exciting to go back to eco-firendly design options while renovating  your spaces. Natural stone flooring, which is on trend lately, and obviously will kept doing so in the future, can be seen in home and garden designs. If you haven't met the natural stone flooring options yet, here is your opportunity… Offering both functionality, ease of maintenance and repair, and affordable price options, Tile Trader offers you highest quality natural stones. Natural stones helps homes, offices and businesses gain a more modern, more contemporary and much more aesthetic appearance.

 Pavers Application

 The flooring coating options called Pavers application are extremely strong and durable. It gives you the advantage of using it for many years. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. When any part is damaged, only that part is changed and remains in its old and original form. using a variety of natural stones to create your own style is also something you may consider for your design projects.

 Brick Laying Options

 If you want a more traditional decoration application, you will not be surprised with brick floors. Brick flooring adds a rustic look to even an ordinary space. Various types of coatings are available with classic patterns such as stacked, herringbone, circular, basket weave. Although the brick color options are limited to a certain extent, it can adapt to any area thanks to its ability to be painted. Not only is it incredibly powerful, but it also offers years of aesthetics.

 Concrete Paving Stone Slab Options

 When you hear the word concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is dull, lifeless cast grey surfaces. But thanks to Pavers , we can say that your opinion will change. Because concrete paving stones are the best material that can be given a unique appearance to your spaces It is offered in many different colors and texture options with easy installation. It is durable, requires low maintenance and is the most ideal type of coating against harsh weather conditions.

 Porcelain Flooring Options

 Most people are of the opinion that porcelains are delicate and fragile. But this opinion is quite wrong. Because porcelains are cold-resistant, non-porous and extremely advantageous. It is completely environmentally friendly. It is simple to install, maintain and clean. It requires little maintenance thanks to its stain-proof structure. Porcelain tiles preferred in light colors are not sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. Color problems such as fading or yellowing are not seen. It also brings elegance to every area where it is used.

 Other Pavers Options

 Pavers are one of the most popular building materials today. It can also be paved with stones such as Slate, Travertine, Limestone. These types of natural stones have a wide variety of options and color scales. These completely natural stones are environmentally friendly. It is easy to maintain and clean. They can clean themselves even with just rainwater. Indoors, soapy water and sponge will be sufficient. It adds effortless elegance, style and charm to spaces.