Glass finishes And Fleetwraps Veneer Art Features

Today, advertising takes place in a wide range. Companies are trying different ways to keep their dignity at the forefront, to reflect their identity and to reach their customer base by expanding their advertising space. Because each company wants to be a pioneer in its sector and appeal to a wider customer base.

In constantly changing and renewed sectors, many methods are offered to keep up with innovations, to be up-to-date and to increase reputation. One of these are GlassFinishes, glass coating and FleetWraps, fleet lining arts.

GlassFinishes Glass Coating

It is a type of art that is embroidered on glass made to reveal the decorative aspect of the work area, to provide sound and heat insulation and to enable employees to work comfortably in their own compartments. Glass coating can be made in many different ways. The main ones are;

 Frosted glass

 These are glasses made by etching with acid, sandblasting or applying the film. It is the ideal option for creating a pattern on the glass surface or making additions such as a logo. Frosted glasses can be made in different varieties. It has a generally cloudy and foggy appearance.

 Satin Glass

 Satin glass coating type has common points with frosted glass coating. Both are types of glass that cannot be seen inside and behind. Satin glass coating made by adding opacity to the glass gives a smooth and silky appearance.

 Reflective Glass

 Reflective glass is a type of GlassFinishes that can be applied both inside and outside of buildings. When used on glass panels inside the building, it makes small rooms and spaces appear larger. Thanks to its reflective feature, it also helps to illuminate places that are dark or in shadow.

Tinted glass

 Colouring glass takes place in two ways. One of these is metal oxidation and pigments that change the colour of the glass. The other is to apply a coloured film to the surface. Window film can be removed and changed according to the season or your decor preferences.

 Glass film

 Glass films contain many types of glass coatings. They can even be custom printed with your company logo or brand name. In addition, this type of glass coating that can be used in offices or showcases can be changed by peeling off.

 FleetWraps Fleet Coating

 FleetWraps, known as fleet wraps or vehicle wraps, is a great example of advertising. This type of coating is made by printing text and graphics on company vehicles. Thus, it will attract customers' attention while on the road. The fleet coating can be made in various sizes and types. Some of the available vehicle wraps are as follows;

Full coating

Partial wrapping or covering,

Spot graphics,

One-way vision coatings,

Printed or pre-coloured coatings,

It can be made in the form of special vinyl covering according to the shape of the vehicles or the preference of the company.

 Thanks to fleet covering advertising, companies; It can reach a wider customer potential, increase the recognition of the brand, enable people to take action, and provide a high return on investment. Businesses of all types can take advantage of the fleet lining option to promote their products and services and reach new customers.