How to create Stylish Designs with Patterned Tiles

There are many different patterned tiles that we have seen taking the world by storm, from concrete-looking tiles to wood-like, mosaic, or marble. Patterned tiles have captured everyone around the world and we can clearly see why.

Patterned tiles allow you to add your personality to your designs and bring your rooms to life. With a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can decide for yourself how gentle or bold you want your style to be. Well, do you also think about where patterned tiles are mostly preferred by people?

 How to Use Patterned Tiles in Your Homes?

You know you want to use patterned tiles anywhere in your home, but aren't you sure where to start, where to apply, whether it's a wall or a whole floor? To help inspire you in your selection process or the design phase of your next project, we have listed the areas where you can use patterned tiles:

 Patterned Tiles in Bathrooms

 Patterned tiles are a popular choice in bathrooms; mainly, everywhere on the floor, on the walls, or inside showers. There are endless options for where to place patterned tiles in the bathrooms. It is the perfect place to use a patterned tile without affecting the rest of your home at all. Bathrooms in the house serve as a shelter in the house. Because you start the day by washing your face, and it is a place to unwind with a shower at night. Bathrooms can be the places where you show your personality with patterned tiles.

 Transformation with Patterned Tiles in the Laundry Room

 Many homes have a room that is empty or whose sole purpose is to dry and iron the clothes. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people who add a magnificent image to this laundry room by choosing patterned tiles. This room, which we can call laundry, is usually a room that is left at the end of the decor processor is often forgotten with very little design. The place where your laundry is should be as important as any other room. Patterned tiles have been a popular choice to add character to laundry rooms, especially floors.

 Kitchen Tiles

 Depending on your choice of cabinetry for your kitchen, you can give your kitchen a bold statement with a less detailed or more neutral design that will come out with a strong or softer pattern. Kitchen; It is the heart of your home, let it express your personality with patterned tiles so that even your guests can enjoy this warm and inspiring feeling.

 Other Places to Use Patterned Tiles in your Homes

 The basic headings that you can find when you think about where and how people are using the patterned tiles are this way, and in fact, it is always an option to apply patterned tiles all over the house.

Entrance: Whether it is used along the corridor or in a small place at the entrance of your home, patterned tiles will leave a nice impression when guests take their first step into your home.

Fireplaces: If you have it, you can make your fireplace more special by tiling it with a patterned tile.

Stairs: whether your stairs are inside or outside, tiling the vertical parts of the stairs with patterned tiles adds personality to your stairs.

Single wall: You can cover only one wall of a room in your home with patterned tile, whether inside or outside. Thanks to the modern appearance that it will add to your home with this special wall, it will be easy to surprise your guests.

In a nutshell, when deciding which pattern tiles are best for you, it is important to ensure that they are balanced with their surroundings. Consider the design and layout of the space to be used, other colors around it, and the dimensions of other tiles used in the home. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, the final decision depends on your personal choice and which design suits your home.