How to Use Natural Stones in Designs


The nature-inspired design offers designers many advantages, but also makes the design space more peaceful. Natural stones are used in the construction of various accessories in the industry as well as a coating material. Natural stones, which can be easily given the desired sizes and shapes, are preferred and used by many designers.

Designing with Natural Stones

Everything that exists in nature inspires people. While natural stones inspire designers, they also offer a good material option with their robustness and different looks. Natural stones can be used on both floors and walls and can be easily cut into different sizes and desired shapes. Natural stones can be used both indoors and outdoors for different purposes. Natural stones, which are more expensive than artificial stones, are characterized by their durability. Nature offers many types of natural stones for designers and provides design inspiration in various styles.

Just as wood from nature is used everywhere or outdoors, stones from nature are also used. These stones, which occur in nature in amorphous form, can be cut into desired sizes according to the possibilities of development technology.

Stones Coming from Nature

Nature offers people many things that they can use. One of them is natural stones, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, covering floors or walls. Nature, which spares nothing for humans, also offers different varieties for natural stones. When it comes to a natural type of coating, the first thing that comes to mind is marble. These stones, which occur naturally in large sizes, are used in many areas. Natural stones such as travertine, slate, onyx and limestone inspire designers and are often used.

Where are Natural Stones Used?

Natural stones, like many different types of coatings, offer the possibility of different designs on both the floor and the walls. Marble, which is favored in more elegant and modern designs, can naturally offer different color options. Stone types such as travertine can make rooms look more industrial.

Natural stones, which are used as coating material for stairs indoors and outdoors, are also often found in exterior cladding. Natural stones, which are more resistant to natural influences than man-made materials, are often used in outdoor floors and facades.

Flooring with Natural Stones

Natural stones that can be used as tiles help to make floors more durable. Natural stone tiles come in many different finishes for flooring. Naturally shaped marble with different color blends provide for the design of many different floors. It is also possible to cut and match marble in different sizes, which is preferred over most natural stones, especially on floors.