Patterned Tiles are Trending but will they Complement my Style?

When it comes to home renovation or decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is the tiles that are frequently used in homes. You will experience the comfort of using tiles suitable for your indoor and outdoor areas for many years. Tiles are offered in different styles: matte, glossy and glazed.

Why are patterns in tiles are in fashion? Because they are healthy and safe products that bring a warm and inviting look and the enthusiasm of nature to your home.

Why are Patterned Tiles in Fashion?

Making design decisions on tiles to complete the designed can sometimes be the hardest step of  design projects, whether it be a new construction, or a upgrading project. Whenever you consider big, costly changes like tile changes, you want to make sure that the choices you make will last for a long time. No one wants to pay for a bathroom or kitchen remodel and get bored in five or ten years and try to replace them all again. Patterned tiles solve these problems by bringing in versatility and he colors of nature are combined with people's longing for nature. 

Are Patterned Tiles A Temporary Fashion Or Timeless?

The colors and patterns of patterned tiles are so bold and beautiful! Moreover, they were not once buried in the dusty pages of history. Patterned tiled floors can be observed everywhere, from contemporary hotels, restaurants, and boutiques to century-old properties, mosques, and churches. It is known that there are patterned mosaic floors even in the ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy, where gorgeous patterned floors are the norm rather than the exception. Creating beauty in your home is not a modern idea, it just continues with various changes. People have been using these patterned floors in the name of aesthetics since the beginning of civilization. That's why the timeless option definitely gets our vote in the answer to the question of why patterned tiles are fashionable.

Should I Avoid Trendy Home Design?

A more important design question you will ask yourself when making design decision should be "Do I really like this?". The matter shouldn't be keeping up with the hottest trends or avoiding them at all, but you should more focus on what aligns with your tastes. Besides, anything in design or fashion is rarely really new. Many things that were found and used before are always being reimagined and recycled. When it comes to hard surfaces in a home, especially things that cannot be easily changed in terms of cost, must be carefully considered first of all.

 How to Choose Tiles?

Tiles should be chosen primarily according to their usage areas and user tastes. While choosing patterned tiles, you should also consider whether it will match with other surfaces in the area. You can use patterned tiles to break all-plain fleeing and add some charm.

You should choose tiles that will meet your needs, are compatible with the environment, healthy, easy to use, hygienic and durable. After determining the reasons for your preference, it is the turn to choose the color. Patterned tiles, which we have seen to increase in popularity in design in recent years, have many options for you. It is possible to find an option that fits your style and architecture of your home. For example, if you like to show off, intricately patterned floors will complement the ornament really well. Feel like you're making a commitment to use it for a long time and really decide whether the colors you promise will be the colors you'll love for a long time. We don't think the harmony of black with white can ever go wrong, but if you really want to do something colorful, it's also a good idea to keep your patterned tiles in just two colors. Simplicity has a timeless look, even when it comes to patterns.