How to Use Mosaics to Design Home Pools? 

One of the most common materials used for home pools is mosaic tiles. This coating material, which is used both inside and outside the pool, can be used to create a stunning swimming pool as the colors of the pool mosaic products also affect the color of the water in the pool.

One of the indispensable entertainments of the summer months are pools. Especially for those who do not like the sea or have family homes, specially designed pools are of great importance. The visibility of the water is as important as its cleanliness. For this reason, specially designed glass mosaic products are preferred to achieve a luminescence, leak-proof effect with a healthy and safe use.

Since mosaic products have a wide product range, you can easily find one that matches your personal style and budget. Different types can be chosen depending on the design, dimensions and technical characteristics of the pools.

How to Choose the Right Mosaic for Pools?

 Mosaic types differ depending on the type, shape and size of the pool. In this sense, there are different types of mosaics that are made with different patterns and designs. Choosing the mosaic that matches the design of the pool and provides a beautiful visual appearance is very important.

For pools, the blue tones are trending since they enhance the pure-look and blue tones of the water. It also provides a hygienic appearance.

What to Do Before Starting the Mosaic Design for Home Pools?

In addition to an aesthetically pleasing appearance, there are a few points that need to be considered in order for the use of mosaics for pools to be robust and harmonious. The following points should be considered before applying mosaic products to the pool:

- Create a level floor depending on the preferred type. In this way, a neater and simpler image is created.

 - If the pool foundation to be placed is made of cement, mosaic products that are installed to cement should be preferred.

 - Mosaic products come in many different varieties. For this reason, the mosaic selection should be made under a correct model depending on the structure of the pool.

How are Mosaic Products Applied to Home Pools?

Depending on the structure and type of pools, there are many different mosaics. However, since the surface for mosaic tile must be perfectly flat and smoot, mosaics should be carefully applied with a professional staff. Following these steps is highly recommended while applying mosaics to pools:

 - First of all, the pool floor must be clean.

-  Then the adhesive chosen according to the type of mosaic selected should be carefully applied to the floor.

 - During application, there must be no gaps between the mosaics.

 - It must be reinforced with a tool during application.

 - It is necessary to wait for mosaic to dry. This period may vary depending on the product.

 - Grouts should then be applied to the joints.