Top Tile Trends 2022

If you are into home décor and interior designing, then you would know that tiles breathe life into the interiors of your house. They come in various shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and prints, with literally thousands of designs to choose from. And if you are someone who is planning on redoing their floor, then you would be asking everyone about the top tile trends in 2022.

So let’s see what 2022 has in store in terms of tile trends!

1. Biophilia

Due to the popularity of hardwood floors, tile manufacturers and designers have started making tiles that look more like natural wood patterns. In addition to wood patterns, modern tiles are also inspired by nature and natural elements to evoke a sense of wellness. This trend is termed as ‘biophilia,’ which is the innate nature of humans to connect with nature.

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2. Art Deco

Art deco fans would be happy to know that art deco files are back in trend. One of the top tile trends of 2022, art deco tiles are a great option for creating feature walls in your indoors. They come in various designs, colors, and shapes, offering a little different look from classic square tiles.

Art deco tiles come in playful patterns that offer a creative and artsy look to any space. Take your pick and personalize your space with art deco tiles according to your taste!

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3. Nature Inspired Colors

Most of the interior design trends of 2022 are inspired by nature and wellness. From bathrooms to living rooms, interior designers are incorporating natural elements in the indoors for a rejuvenating experience.

Similarly, when it comes to tiles, tile designers are taking inspiration from nature to create tile designs and colors that resonate with nature. With this in mind, you will find many tiles that connect to nature. Such as lush, green-toned tiles that resemble forests and aquatic blue tiles that give a cool oceanic feel.

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4. Moroccan Madness

Moroccan prints are a timeless trend that has managed to stay in 2022. These prints come in vibrant colors, a number of textures, and intricate designs. Moroccan prints are often seen in various décor items such as carpets, rugs, cushions, lanterns, and even tiles!

If you are looking to add a little personality to your walls or floors, try adding Moroccan tiles for an exotic look in your hallway or on a feature wall.

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So these are some of the top tile trends in 2022 that you can take inspiration from if you are remodeling your house. From Moroccan prints to biophilia tiles, you can take your pick and transform your indoors according to your personality.