Using Limestone for Interior Design

Limestone, which is the main component of concrete, is used as an additive in road constructions Limestone is a soil conditioner rock and can be used for decorative purposes in homes or gardens. Limestone in the industry is known as limestone.

 Limestones are carbonate sedimentary rocks and consist of skeletons of marine creatures such as corals, mollusks, and foraminifera. Limestone is mainly composed of calcite and aragonite minerals. Depending on the form of formation, it can be crystalline, clastic, granular or massive. The transformation of limestone into marble occurs with the effect of the metamorphism that occurs during the mountain formation. It is also the main material of the mollisol soil group.

 What are the Properties of Limestone?

 Limestone are widely-used because it is durable and wear-resistant. Therefore, it provides more efficiency. It is lighter than pebble or granite. It has a permeability that provides drainage and natural water flow. Therefore, it is one of the ideal materials that meet legal requirements in the continuation of forestry and pollution control. 

 Where Are Limestone Products Used?

 Limestone, which has been used frequently in homes and living spaces in recent years, is preferred as a sink or countertop in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Limestone is softer than granite and is more common as a countertop, especially in kitchens. It is easier to clean than granite, has more color options and is durable. Since it is carved easily, this stone used in sculptures is resistant to external factors, heavy and long-lasting.

 A Low-Cost High-Value Mine

 Often in white or off-white colors, limestone is also popular for its marble-like appearance. However, it is different from marble in terms of its impermeability and low cost. It is a practical product to clean and maintain. Limestone is a mineral with a high commercial value in nature. The most important reason for its preference is that it is stain-proof, easy to clean and not messy.

 Limestone is used in many areas such as bathroom, kitchen, decorative items and filling materials.