Using Mosaic Tiles for Home Design

There are many decorative coating materials used in different places in homes. One of them is glass mosaics. It is possible to find glass mosaics that can be used in outdoor and indoor areas in different sizes and models.

  What is Glass Mosaic?

Glass mosaic is a coating material used to provide a beautiful and tasteful architectural appearance in interior and exterior spaces. Glass mosaics produced in different and different sizes are a product that is used in many different areas. It is generally produced in sizes such as 10 × 10, 13 × 13, 20 × 20, 20 × 40 mm.

  How is Glass Mosaic Produced?

The raw material of glass mosaics is scrap glass and glass paint. The scrap is collected with glass, thrown into the glass sieve and purified from the dirt. After removing the coarse dirt, the glasses are placed in the mill and ground in the mill for about 5 hours. Glass flour removed from the mill is sieved in a 0.50 rapier glass sieve and its grain size is adjusted.

Then the ground and sifted glass flours are placed in the mixer and moistened at a certain rate. If the product is made in color, special glass paints are added. The moistened glass is filled into the press silo and shaped and pressed. It enters the 20-meter-long oven with the push mechanism of the press and bakes in the oven for 19 minutes and becomes a semi-finished product.

Then, the product is thrown into the sieve to start the assembly process. In the typesetting process, the semi-finished product is entered into the typesetting moulds and glued to a 31 * 31 cm sized kraft paper or net and made suitable for drying with drying moulds.

  What Are The Areas Where Glass Mosaic Is Used?

Mixed material mosaic is used in many different areas. It is a product preferred by many people due to its easy use and an elegant appearance in terms of architecture. The usage areas of Mixed material mosaic products are as follows;

 - It is used for coating purposes on the exterior of buildings.

 - It is used in decorative columns and columns.

 - It is used as a coating in pools together with floor coverings.

 - It is used for covering purposes in Turkish baths, saunas and bathrooms.

 - Used in kitchens.

 - It is used as a coating in halls or balconies.

 - Used for decorative purposes in different areas.

  What are the Properties of Glass Mosaic Products?

Mixed Material Mosaic is used in all areas due to its very different properties. 

  - Its most important feature provides a beautiful appearance in terms of architecture. Therefore, it is used for decorative purposes.

 - It is frequently preferred because it gives a pleasant appearance on the exterior of buildings.

 - It provides protection against cold and heat. Therefore, it is also used as insulation material.

 - It does not wear and is long-lasting.

 - It is not affected by moisture and water.

 - It is a product that does not require paint.

 - It has easy cleaning feature. It is a product that can be used easily in areas such as kitchen countertops due to its easy cleaning.